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I'm alexandria marie

Think of me as your "go to" guide to energetics + holistic health

I help women become their own inner healers through deepening their understanding of their own bioindividuality, intuition and energetics. Together we bridge holistic health strategy with the energetics behind the way you think, eat, speak and even work to help you become the most vibrant, authentic version of you!

A functional wellness practitioner, holistic nutritionist, healer, spiritual leader and more, I am trained with over a decade worth of experience to help guide you into a mind, body and soul that sets your life on FIRE!

I am here to be your advocate and guide to help you nurture your body, build inner strength, align with your purpose and rewrite your story.


are your                       balanced?


Do you have trouble finding the right words to say as you're going live or when you're with clients? Is your energy low? Does your back hurt? Are you having trouble manifesting what you want into your life? Is your skin clear? Is your intuition blocked?

These are all signs your chakras aren't aligned. Take this quiz to find out what chakra you need to tap in to and HOW to balance all seven chakras to live an aligned, vibrant life!

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there's an energetic frequency behind every part of your life from the food you eat to your thoughts & decisions. let me be your guide to harnessing it's power

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What if you could have a checklist of exactly what you needed to feel your most connected, clear, and on fire? What if you could clearly understand what your body needs to function at optimal level defined by your bloodwork? (No guessing games, no one-size-fits-all healing…) What would change if you had ENERGY again? Because I know you are motivated, with extremely large dreams and manifestations… but you don’t have to be exhausted or overwhelmed while making them become your reality. 

If you could have everything you needed… the diet plan, the nutrition guide, the supplement guide, energy healing, blood work analysis to really know what’s going on, and your very own personalized self-care guide…

What would you do with all that extra time and energy? More energy and space to serve, grow, love and have real freedom without the overwhelm (that eventually leads to giving up on being your most vibrant, healthy self.) 

If you are ready to reclaim your life, energy, and your health - click here! 

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Curious what products I can't live without after 10 years of healing my own body, trying every product my clients have asked me about, and endless research into what actually works? This list is a decade of market testing, trails and tribulations and just plain curiosity, all piled into what actually gets results and the products I believe will lead you deeper into the transformation you're looking for!

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