IT'S time to reset and reconnect with the focus on you.

YES! MY BODY and mind are ready!

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Here's a peak inside....

☀︎ Building immunity through food as medicine
☀︎ mindset work to ground + Center You
☀︎ Visioning to set a new Foundation of empowerment 
☀︎ Trainings on Filling Your Cup First so you can live the legacy you were born to leave
☀︎ exercise to fuel your body
☀︎ Support to become the most vibrant, energetic version of you!

...designed to set the healthy foundation you need and to empower you to take action on creating the life of your dreams

I need this. Sign me up.

I know what you're going through. I've been there.
Creating this container came from a place of pure love and understanding. I wish someone who looked at my mind, body and soul years ago when I was stuck sick and wrapped up in my own story, unable to fully understand why all of the mindset and energy work I was doing wasn't enough.

My name is Alexandria Marie. I'm an Intuitive Holistic Energy Healer and Energetics Expert who guides women to become their own inner healers through deepening the understanding of their own bioindividuality, intuition and energetics.

I'm not even 30 and I've been labeled as having over 10+ "chronic illnesses", but I knew I wasn't sick, I knew my body was wise enough to heal. I knew she had the genetic coding to tell me exactly what she needed and when I finally started to lean into functional medicine and the energetics of the way we live, I began to heal from the inside out.

When I healed, my mission became clear. The odds of becoming human are 1 in 400 trillion and I believe you weren't born without purpose. You are the product of what you surround yourself with. You get to choose your own reality. 

I've committed my life to guiding women to step into their power. My mission is to help you nurture your body, build inner strength, align with your purpose and rewrite your story.

I See You. I Hear You. I Was You.

This is your reminder that everything in life is happening for you, not to you and even in the hardest of times there are no exceptions.

You've been saying for years that you just wish you had the time to focus on your health and wellness.

Now more than ever is the time to put YOU first.
Now is the time to reset + build a foundation of health.

This is the time to give yourself permission to change your reality and set the framework for a new future.

In times of fear and uncertainty we have a choice. You can choose fear or you can choose action.

Be proactive. Health is no longer optional, it's a necessity.

sometimes during when you're not feeling like your best self it's difficult to see the silver lining


What's included:

Crafted with the focus to be on reducing inflammation + boosting your immune system so every system of your body has the chance to reset.

Total Value : $2245+

Your Investment:


YES! I'm in!

28 DAY Meal plan ($495 Value)

5x WEEKLY at home workouts ($1500 value)


I've been a personal trainer for over 10 years. These workouts were designed to start easy and progress for the woman who wants to cut straight to the point and MOVE!

Use these trainings to activate the parts of your mind and soul that lead to the next level version of self discovery, intuition, and vibrant life!

The time to take action and start protecting you and your family is now.

Health is no longer optional, it's a necessity.