I have dedicated the last 10 years to the study of reprogramming the body for comprehensive wellness. As an entrepreneur, I’m extremely driven and want to work with women who are like me; no BS, just tell me what I need to know, give me what I need to get there, manage, mentor, and coach to produce results - not for the world, but for ME. 

I know you. I am you and I’m calling you on the carpet. You understand achieving great things requires an investment in mentorship, time, money, and the right people to make it happen. 

You invest in your business. When was the last time you invested in yourself?When was the last time waiting until the perfect time ever got you what you wanted… heck, ever got you results?     *Hint* probably never! 

Ready to go all in?

Lets face it. You’re already a successful, driven woman, changing the world in your own way. Your time is limited and there’s little left for self care. Here’s where I come in and this is MY wheelhouse. Working together we will design your blueprint for an upleveled life.  

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There has never been a better time to take action and choose yourself.

A 90 Day Immersion to Peak Performance

Biohacking elevates your potential by targeting change to your routine, mindset, energy, and body. The result? Change in your biology. Impact in your world. 

There’s no thought required; just commit, show up, and trust me to take care of you. I will order your meals, track your progress, and hold you accountable. My words are capable of shifting your mindset and enhancing your relationships. Gene analysis and Unload15 change the game. In our partnership we will dig deep to discover what you need to elevate.

you are ready and deserve this.


partner. 10x. target. commit. trust. track. shift. unload. elevate.

Amped + Aligned takes biohacking to the next level. Give me control and I’ll 10x your life

Why Amped + Aligned? 

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