Unlock the Power of Pairing Functional Medicine with Healing + Self Care to Achieve Mind, Body + Soul Transformation

Introducing Restore You. A 100% custom coaching experience to help you achieve a life where your mind is clear, your body is free of symptoms, your soul is aligned and you live in complete freedom of the stories that once held you back! Together we deep dive into your mindset, bloodwork, lifestyle, energy and more to design + achieve the life you were born to live - the life where you thrive!

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Are you frustrated + tired of doctors telling you "you're fine", or prescribing a bandaid prescription because your bloodwork is "within normal range" when you feel something's just not right?

Do you crave a deeper understanding of where your body ACTUALLY needs attention instead of having to resort to using your Google degree to come to the conclusion that your extreme fatigue, water retention and itchy skin means your liver needs support?

Are you tired of struggling with symptoms such as; brain fog, digestive issues, overall mental and physical fatigue, dull + dry skin, body and joint pain, anxiety, reactivity to your family or overreaction to situations, migraines, or having decision making fatigue?

Do you have a huge soul mission that you are so committed to, but something in your soul is begging you to go deeper within yourself, into your energetics? You want to find balance, and honor your body, mind, and spirit while still making a huge change in the collective - without the risk of burning out?

Are you tired of being tired- maybe you are in bed by 10 pm, but once the clock hits 3 am, you are wide awake and the thoughts and ideas just don’t stop? And you can’t turn it off, no matter how many to-dos you add to the notebook next to your bed?

Have you tried every diet, supplement + fad out there to be frustrated, exhausted and finally accept that the coffees, teas, keto and Whole30 “one size fits all” approaches + quick fixes just don't work?

Restore You was developed to finally give you the answers + guide that you need to shift from existing to thriving. No more guessing, just a 360 custom approach to optimal YOU.

My name is Alexandria Marie. I am a Functional Medicine Specialist, Healer, Holistic Nutritionist, Exercise Physiologist + more. I am here to be your advocate and guide to help you nurture your body, build inner strength, align with your purpose and rewrite your story.

I'm not even 30 and I've been labeled as having over 10+ "chronic illnesses" when in reality, my story of using my wellness education to restore my mind, body + soul has helped me guide 100's to a life where they're thriving.

Developing Restore You is my chance to help you feel seen, heard and understood. Together we will get to the true root of the problem and customize a solution. Why? Because no one should have to go through 20+ years of uncertainty, feeling like no one is in their corner and alone.

I am a functional wellness junkie who believes self care, customized nutrition, and healing your body is the answer. No more excuses, just real, custom results.

I See You. I Hear You. I Was You.

What people are saying....

Alexandria Marie offers a unique way of changing your life for the better. After doctors prescribing countless medications to balance my body, I gave up. With Alexandria it is changing and healing yourself through outstanding and safe techniques. Ever since working with Alexandria Marie I’ve felt full of energy, loving myself, and never wanting to give up. Meeting goals becomes possible and successful. I recommend working with her to all!

If your sick and tired of being sick and tired. If you know deep down there's something going on that Dr's are missing. If your ready for a change in your pain level, energy level, weight loss and life as a whole. I highly recommend you reach out to my friend Alexandria Marie! She is beyond amazing and I'm super excited to be working with her!

I got my Nuvaring in early April and the second week of my cycle I started getting insane stomach pain, migraines & experienced really messed up digestion. It felt like I had the flu for 4 days and then cleared up. Alexandria Marie suggested that it could be the Nuvaring so I decided to keep an eye on it. This month the same thing happened but even more intense. Finally, I took it out after 3 days of pain. Within an hour my pain was down by 70% and I was able to get out of bed and exercise, work and eat normally. In the past 24 hours it’s gotten better and I’ve been able to poop 3 times already. I’ve never had symptoms like this with the pill or even an IUD, so I’m definitely going to find another birth control option.

I can't tell you how much Alexandria Marie has helped me change my life. I went from feeling sluggish, not sleeping well and just not being me. With her plan and encouragement, I have had a complete turn around, sleeping better and feeling more energetic. Alexandria is knows her plan, listens to what you say and creates a plan specific to your needs. I love working with her and I am recommending her to my friends.








◇ Identifying + rewriting destructive thought patterns that keep you on the hamster wheel of no progress towards who you want to be
◇ Deep diving into what is holding you back from a life where you’re thriving
◇ Healing to heal the part of you that still identifies with your story
◇ Unblocking your limiting beliefs
◇ Creating inspiring + healthy mindset routines

▸ Bloodwork analysis to identify the systems of your body that need healing
▸ Creating nutrition + movement routines to help you thrive based on bloodwork, goals + body type
▸ Release pain + the parts of you that feel stuck through energy healing
▸ Cleanse and detoxify to reduce symptoms
▸ Build a custom supplement routine that supports what your body needs to thrive

✚ Tapping in to your soul's desires to bring your visions + goals to life
✚ Creating an attainable step by step blueprint to achieve a life where you’re thriving
✚ Deepening your relationship with yourself through prompts, books, journaling + more!
✚ Chakra balancing to align the systems of your body with your soul’s purpose
✚ Identifying patterns that no longer serve you + rewriting them through structured routines

Take the first step to becoming who you were born to be through the pillars of Restore You.

"The odds of becoming human are 1 in 400 trillion and I believe you weren't born without purpose. You are the product of what you surround yourself with. You get to choose your own reality." 

- Alexandria Marie

Together we rewrite the part of you and your story that no longer serve you by…

Together we heal your body from the inside out...

Together we identify and align with your soul’s purpose through…

This one of a kind program bridges the gap between functional medicine and spirituality to bring your mind, body + soul transformation to life!

Option One

► 12 Weeks of Trainings + Support on Each Area of the 3 Pillars (Mind | Body | Soul)
► 2x - 60 min 1:1 calls monthly
► Monday Check In on Voxer
► Bloodwork Analysis + Food/Supplement Recommendations to Reach Goals
► Energy Healing
► Chakra Balancing
► Healing + Releasing Rituals

TOTAL VALUE - $7,000

Option Two

Everything in Option One Plus...

► M-F Voxer Access to Me
► Daily Lifestyle Audit + Weekly Check Ins to Review Progress
► Nutrition Guide Tailored + Specific to you with Recipes, Approved Food Lists, Shopping Lists + More!
► weekly mastermind trainings with a collective of coaches who are experts in Breath-work, intuitive eating, life coaching, energy healing, gut health, hormone balancing, nutrition, + so much more!

TOTAL VALUE - $10,000

Restore Vip

Ready to Go All In? This is for the Woman Who Wants it All In The Form of a Turn Key Solution.
Receive Everything In Options One + Two PLUS:

► Sakara Meals founded in the idea of food is medicine + designed to heal Delivered to Your Door
(Not spending Time or Energy thinking about cooking means more time focused on what matters to YOU!) 
► genetic Testing to identify how your body functions + what it needs on a cellular level
(foods to eat, how to exercise to achieve your goals, sleep schedules + more can now be tailored to your specific DNA)
► tailored supplements included 
(product examples include Detox + Mineral Drops, Metabolism Powder, Magnesium, Probiotics + More)  

TOTAL VALUE - $22,000

$2,700 Pay In Full

$1111 a month

$4,700 Pay In Full

$1777 a month

$12,000 Pay In Full

$4444 a month

Need guidance on which option is right for you?


▸ Clearly understanding what your body needs to function at optimal level defined by your bloodwork + analysis

▸ Refreshed + feeling better than you have in years

▸ Living with SO much energy!

▸ Free of the symptoms you deal with daily... bloating, acne, aches + pains, fogginess, inability to focus, shortness with the ones you love (+ more!)

▸ Defined by new confidence that you know what's best for you

▸ Understanding how to tap in to your body so you can pinpoint exactly what you need to feel amazing

▸ With a plan of diet, supplementation + self care routines to support your goals

You were born to thrive! You will walk away.... 

The time to take action and start living a life ALIGNED WITH YOUR SOUL'S PURPOSE + FREE FROM SUFFERING IS NOW.

Health is no longer optional, it's a necessity.

I Know I Need a Change. Let's Do This!