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6 weeks to a more vibrant, feminine, magnetic you

Welcome to Vibrant Living School where we guide women to come home into their bodies and uncover the most aligned, in flow, empowered version of themselves!

We see you.

• You don't even recognize the person looking back at you in the mirror anymore.
• You feel like you have no willpower.
• You're constantly working or "on the go" but at the end of the day you never feel like it was enough.
• You go through your day to day with symptoms like headaches, bloating, dull, dry and broken out skin, numbness, you're overeating or stress eating, and life just doesn't seem vibrant.
• You feel so disconnected and are constantly asking "how did I get here".
• Nothing seems to come easily - your job, your home life, even 'you time' seems daunting.
• You feel anxious, stressed out, overwhelmed and out of control.

step into your power.

Beginning September 22nd you will learn the tools you need to step into the most authentic + vibrant version of YOU!

Vibrant Living School is a unique group program that gives you the tools to come home into your body. If you're ready to learn how to harness the power of your feminine energy, align your body's natural cycles to the moon and take your power back from emotions and stories that no longer serve you - Vibrant Living School is for you.

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Meet Your Teachers

meet alesha

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What to expect inside vibrant living school

week one

Setting intentions, welcome and visioning! This week Alesha will guide us through a breathwork and manifestation exercise all about setting intentions for not only the next 6 weeks together, but your new vibrant life!

week two

All about the moon and your cycle. Alexandria will teach us how to eat and exercise based on your cycle (and the lunar phases), and then guide a Full Moon Ceremony including journaling, visioning, a guided meditation and more!

week three

Balancing the masculine and feminine. Meredith will help us understand how to balance the masculine and feminine flow and will teach us how to unlock our abilities to receive!

week four

Clearing the energy behind emotions. Alesha will guide us through a practice of releasing feelings like anxiety, fear, overwhelm, stress, and all the things holding you back from being the most vibrant version of you!

week five

Understanding your cycle. This week Alexandria will teach how to harness the power of your period, what's normal (and what's not), the energetics behind syncing to the moon, and how to use your cycle to manifest your desires!

week six

Human Design and intuition. This final week Meredith will be teaching how to tap into your inner authority using your own human design to start living with ease and flow based on how we are designed!

I have had the pleasure of being a part of the Vibrant Living School and it has been MINDBLOWING! I have learned how to appreciate my body and release old stories as it relates to anxiety, fear and self-sabotage. I have learned about my chakra’s and we created manifestations around the new moon. Since starting this course, I have found that I am focused, I understand my purpose and I am able to lay my people pleasing ways to rest. The breathwork and content of this course will take you to another level of awareness that will change the way you LIVE!



Vibrant Living School for me can be summed up into two words: life changing and I don’t use those words lightly! The community of strong and empowering women constantly remind me of my worth and value and passion to go out and help other women feel empowered. As a personal trainer just starting out, I was terrified to put myself out there, but since being part of this great experience, I’ve learned more about how I deserve to have success and that I have the power to create it and manifest it for myself - and from that, I’ve got a job and potential clients after only 1 week after starting. That’s truly amazing and it was because I realized the power and capabilities within myself through the Vibrant Living School!

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frequently asked questions

Where + When will the calls be?

VLS starts on September 22nd! The calls will be on Tuesdays at 4:30pm PST / 7:30pm EST via Zoom. They will be recorded so don't worry if you can't join us live!

How long will I have access to Vibrant Living School?

For the full 6 weeks of the program! Once it concludes you will have access to the recordings for six weeks after if you want to do it again!

What is your refund policy?

We do not offer refunds at this time.

How should I prepare for the calls?

Each class is going to be packed with ways we're going to change your energetic vibration. We'd love for you to be in a space where you can be authentically you and truly embody our teachings. And always bring something to write with!

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